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Hand Held Nitrous was used to perform over 20 vasectomies over a two day period, all with good outcomes.

Two doses were giving to each patient.

The Urologist, Dr. Pollock of Vancouver was gracious enough to allow Hand Held Nitrous to be used on patients undergoing the procedure.

Hand Held Nitrous is used to reduce anxiety and to reduce pain.  In this case, the device was used during the procedure.

The effects of the nitrous oxide had left the patients by the time the procedure was over.

Hand Held Nitrous is approved by Health Canada under license 99099.


About The Author

Mark Aldana

Mark Aldana is the CEO and president of Strata Medical Innovations, Inc. He has a BS in Biology from Brigham Young University and a MBA from the University of Houston. In 2011 he invented Hand Held Nitrous, a nitrous oxide inhaler that dramatically reduces patient pain.